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Automated registration

Sitewatch's Reception Control for construction materials streamlines operations with its advanced licence plate registration and load photography. This system ensures compliance with permit requirements and facilitates accurate billing. Leveraging high-tech cameras, it captures crucial details for efficient material tracking and management, enhancing both operational efficiency and regulatory adherence in construction projects.

Full control

Sitewatch's interface for reception control offers a comprehensive overview of all transport activities, streamlining your logistics operations. With its advanced capabilities, you can effortlessly monitor every load, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The system's seamless integration with third-party applications enhances your control, allowing for quick and accurate billing. This intuitive interface simplifies the management of all deliveries, providing real-time insights for better decision-making and faster invoicing, keeping your operations on track and profitable.

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Sitewatch's Reception Control streamlines construction material operations by combining advanced license plate registration and load photography, ensuring compliance and accuracy in billing, while enhancing efficiency and regulatory adherence.

  • Streamlines construction material operations with advanced license plate registration and load photography, ensuring permit compliance and accurate billing.

  • Captures crucial details for material tracking and management, enhancing operational efficiency and regulatory adherence in construction projects.

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of transport activities with seamless integration for third-party applications, facilitating real-time decision-making and faster invoicing.

Collaborating with Sitewatch revolutionized our operations. Their innovative reception control system elevated our service efficiency and significantly boosted client trust and satisfaction.

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Flexible payment solutions for your investment

Purchase or rent?

Sitewatch offers a flexible approach to security solutions, where clients have the option to either purchase or rent the necessary hardware. Once the hardware is in place, a monthly fee covers both software licenses and an extended hardware warranty, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind. This approach allows businesses to tailor their security infrastructure according to their specific needs and budget, while maintaining high-quality surveillance and support. Additionally, the system's scalability means it can adapt and grow alongside the evolving security demands of any organization.

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