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A system based on your needs

Sitewatch integrates seamlessly into your home, offering a comprehensive security system with cameras, sensors, including panic buttons, and 24/7 connection to a monitoring center. Our ready-to-install packages are tailored to various needs and include a smartbox, advanced cameras, and state-of-the-art sensors, ensuring a robust security setup. Installation is straightforward, requiring only a standard electrical outlet and a suitable mounting spot. The system maintains a reliable 4G network connection, providing uninterrupted service.

The inclusion of panic buttons and sensors heightens safety, monitoring environmental factors and enabling instant alerts to the monitoring center during emergencies. This complete solution offers real-time analysis, efficient data management, and continuous professional oversight, all with minimal installation requirements and the integration of cutting-edge technology, ensuring your home is protected and monitored around the clock.

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User friendly

Sitewatch's security solutions feature an intuitive interface, designed for ease and efficiency. Users can effortlessly navigate through the system, monitoring and managing security cameras and sensors with a few simple clicks.
Real-time alerts and access to historical data are at your fingertips, ensuring quick response to security events.
This user-friendly approach minimizes training time, enhances operational efficiency, and allows for seamless integration into daily routines, making security management hassle-free and accessible for all skill levels.

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Sitewatch's home security system provides effortless setup, integrating advanced cameras, sensors, and panic buttons, all connected to a 24/7 monitoring center via reliable 4G network for continuous surveillance and safety.

  • Sitewatch's advanced cameras offer seamless live streaming, enabling real-time monitoring, enhanced security, and immediate incident response, accessible from anywhere.

  • Features advanced cameras, innovative sensors, and panic buttons, enhancing home safety and emergency response.

  • Effortless installation, Sitewatch offers 24/7 alarm center linkage, ensuring continuous home security and monitoring.

Customize your own system from your needs

Fully customizeble

Sitewatch offers a fully customizable security solution tailored to your unique requirements. By selecting from our diverse range of sensors and cameras, you can design a system that aligns perfectly with your preferences. Whether it's for intricate surveillance or simple monitoring, every component integrates seamlessly into our cloud-based platform, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operation. This flexibility allows you to create a bespoke security setup, providing peace of mind that it's precisely suited to your specific needs and environment. With Sitewatch, you're in control, crafting a system that works for you.

What we do

At Sitewatch, we specialize in advanced security solutions that cater to a variety of needs across multiple sectors. Our offerings encompass a wide range of innovative and intelligent surveillance technologies, designed to ensure safety and efficiency.

Components for your needs


AI cameras

Sitewatch's AI cameras offer advanced security with real-time analysis and minimal false alarms. They are PoE-enabled, ensuring easy installation and efficient power management, ideal for diverse surveillance needs.

Advanced sensors

Sitewatch sensors offer advanced monitoring for water leaks, temperature, noise, and motion, ensuring comprehensive safety and environmental control with real-time alerts and robust data analytics. Ideal for proactive risk management and security

Everything in one place - 24/7

Sitewatch's web-based interface provides 24/7 access to critical security data, offering real-time insights and complete control over surveillance and sensor systems for unparalleled safety and efficiency.
Flexible payment solutions for your investment

Purchase or rent?

Sitewatch offers a flexible approach to security solutions, where clients have the option to either purchase or rent the necessary hardware. Once the hardware is in place, a monthly fee covers both software licenses and an extended hardware warranty, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind. This approach allows businesses to tailor their security infrastructure according to their specific needs and budget, while maintaining high-quality surveillance and support. Additionally, the system's scalability means it can adapt and grow alongside the evolving security demands of any organization.

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