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Sitewatch's innovative security and monitoring solutions extend beyond basic surveillance. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and sensor technology combined with production system integration, our systems not only enhance on-site security but also provide invaluable insights into the production processes.

This proactive approach to both security and production management is a game-changer for industries looking to streamline operations and safeguard their assets.

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Find the problem

Sitewatch revolutionizes production oversight by integrating a comprehensive event system. Imagine accessing a cohesive stream of data, encompassing 30 seconds before and after an incident in your production line. Our sophisticated blend of camera feeds, sensor outputs, and machine data offers an unprecedented view, pinpointing issues with remarkable precision.

This not only enhances efficiency but significantly reduces downtime. Operators no longer waste time searching through disjointed information. Instead, they receive a consolidated, real-time narrative of events, enabling rapid response and resolution. Sitewatch's innovative approach streamlines problem-solving, ensuring a smoother, more productive operation.

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Sitewatch offers advanced AI-driven surveillance for industrial applications, combining top-tier security with efficient production monitoring. It provides continuous site protection while enabling real-time operational oversight, ensuring both safety and enhanced productivity with minimal downtime.

  • Sitewatch's advanced cameras offer seamless live streaming, enabling real-time monitoring, enhanced security, and immediate incident response, accessible from anywhere.

  • Integrate sensors seamlessly with your production for enhanced efficiency, precision, and real-time monitoring of operations.

  • Empower your production with a cloud-based solution, allowing multiple users to collaborate seamlessly, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Flexible payment solutions for your investment

Purchase or rent?

Sitewatch offers a flexible approach to security solutions, where clients have the option to either purchase or rent the necessary hardware. Once the hardware is in place, a monthly fee covers both software licenses and an extended hardware warranty, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind. This approach allows businesses to tailor their security infrastructure according to their specific needs and budget, while maintaining high-quality surveillance and support. Additionally, the system's scalability means it can adapt and grow alongside the evolving security demands of any organization.

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