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Empowering innovation and client focus with cloud-based security solutions

Who we are

Sitewatch, a proud Swedish company, epitomizes the pinnacle of security solutions, blending cutting-edge AI and sensor technology with practical, real-world applications. Our ethos revolves around making sophisticated surveillance seamlessly accessible to our diverse clientele. At our core, we are innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in security and surveillance.

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What we do

At Sitewatch, we specialize in advanced security solutions that cater to a variety of needs across multiple sectors. Our offerings encompass a wide range of innovative and intelligent surveillance technologies, designed to ensure safety and efficiency.

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Solutions for your needs


Sitewatch: Integrated Security and Production Oversight for Industries

Sitewatch provides industries with a dual-function solution: enhanced security and real-time production monitoring. Our advanced AI cameras and sensors ensure site safety, oversee operations, and facilitate production troubleshooting, optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Streamlining Load Documentation and Compliance

Sitewatch's Reception Control for aggregate materials and soils ensures precise monitoring by registering truck license plates, photographing cargo, and documenting deliveries. This system streamlines compliance with permit requirements and facilitates accurate billing.

Advanced AI Surveillance Solutions for construction sites

Sitewatch offers tailored security solutions for construction, featuring advanced AI cameras and sensors. Our packages ensure robust site surveillance devoleped and tested on real construction sites, effectively reducing false alarms, and are customizable to specific needs, providing 24/7 monitoring and support.

Safe store

Sitewatch enhances store security with advanced personnel safety measures and smart sensors for refrigeration units, ensuring staff security and optimal temperature control for perishables.

Industrial security

Sitewatch boosts industrial security with cutting-edge surveillance and sensor technology, safeguarding personnel and machinery, and ensuring operational efficiency and workplace safety.

Personal security

Sitewatch elevates personal security with sophisticated monitoring and alert systems, offering 24/7 protection, rapid response, and peace of mind for individuals in various environments.

Working with Sitewatch has been a game-changer for our company. Their innovative security solutions and seamless installation support have greatly enhanced our service offerings and client trust.

Adam W
Head of installations
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